Office Basics (web course)

Sprache: Englisch
Office-Version: MS Office 2016 MS Office 2019 MS Office 365
Produktform: Webkurs
Hersteller bit media
  CHF 150.00


* Office Version:


This bit media tutorial consists of four basic courses with a pracitcal approach to the subject matter. Bit media courses use of state of the art technology to offer you an effective and interesting learning experience: easy and intuitive navigation, fully scalable content and  incorporation of existing knowledge via learning paths. The high-quality multi-media teaching sequences are based on Microsoft Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Word.

Expected duration:

28 hours

Course contents:

- Excel Basics
- Outlook Basics
- PowerPoint Basics
- Word Basics


Activating your online course(s) on the e-learning platform

After purchasing this online course, you will receive an e-mail providing you with a voucher code and a link to redeem it. You will then receive your login details to the e-learning platform, where your course will be available to you for 12 months after your first login. You must validate your code within 24 months.


Technical requirements

Operating System::
- MS Windows 7 or higher
- Apple Mac OS X 10.6 or higher

- Internet Explorer version 9.0 or higher
- Mozilla Firefox  version 10.0 or higher
- Google Chrome version 19 or higher
- Safari version 5.1 or higher

- JavaScript activated
- PDF reader (optional)