ECDL Online Essentials - Part 1, Internet Explorer 11

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Approved by ICS Skills. This training guide has been written specifically for part 1 of the ECDL unit Online Essentials (syllabus 1.0). Focussing on using the Internet, each exercise has been designed to gradually build knowledge using a simple, step-by-step approach. You will learn how to use the web browser to accomplish basic operations associated with searching for information online. To complete this unit you will also need Online Essentials Part 2.


This product contains approximately 120 pages and covers the following topics:        

  1. Understand and use the Internet
  2. Be aware of security considerations
  3. Stay safe online
  4. Use a web-browsing application
  5. Manage bookmarks/favourites
  6. Change browser settings
  7. Search for information
  8. Critically evaluate information
  9. Use Internet-based communication tools
  10. Participate in online communities