ECDL Advanced Presentation Software (BCS ITQ L3), PowerPoint 2010

Sprache: Englisch
Office-Version: MS Office 2010
Produktform: Buch
Hersteller CiA Training
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Approved by BCS and ICS Skills. This training guide has been written specifically for the ECDL unit Advanced Presentation Software (BCS ITQ level 3, syllabus 2.0). Each exercise has been designed to build upon and extend your knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint using a simple, step-by-step approach. You will learn how to make best use of presentation software to produce, view and print presentations containing a wide variety of slide content. Data files to accompany this title allow you to practise the many different software features covered.


This product contains approximately 108 pages and covers the following topics:

  1. Design Considerations
  2. Colour Scheme and Effects
  3. Creating and Using Templates
  4. Inserting Text and Slides
  5. Drawing Objects
  6. Rotating and Flipping Objects
  7. Editing and Cropping Images
  8. Combination Charts
  9. Editing and Animating Charts
  10. Creating and Amending Flowcharts
  11. Inserting Sounds and Movies
  12. Animation Sequences
  13. Action Buttons
  14. Custom Shows
  15. Slide Transitions and Timings
  16. Linking Text, Chart, Worksheet Range
  17. Modifying Linked Data
  18. Embedding Objects

Sample Section: ECDL Advanced Presentation Software (BCS ITQ L3)